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Click it to get back here.What follows are links to various mini-quizzes relating to the BBAC course. These quizzes are meant to help focus your attention on the right answer, and to amuse. Click on the Mini-Quiz icon to return to this page.

If you simply want to review BBAC protocol, you can go through each mini-quiz, and when you pass, click back on the Mini-quiz icon to navigate back here.

From the lessons:

#1. Epidemiology Mini-Quiz

#2. Risk Stratification Mini-Quiz

#3. Beta Blockers Mini-Quiz

#4. Clonidine Mini-Quiz

#5. ACC & AHA Guidelines Mini-Quiz

#6. Barriers to Implementation Mini-Quiz

#7. Implementing a BBAC Protocol Mini-Quiz

Final Test (Passing this test will send you to the feedback and CME credit receipt pages)

Reducing the Risk of Perioperative Death with the Beta Blocker and Clonidine Protocol

Don't miss # 6 - "Barriers to Implementation"
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